Ideal Isar HE30 no central heating


I have an Ideal Isar boiler model HE30, it is being used for hot water and central heating. We bought and installed it around 5 years ago, it is serviced every year, I should probably add that boiler is located in the storage room. During the whole period we never experienced any problems with it, today we woke up in the morning and it is very cold in the house, we have 3 month old baby and service guy doesn’t pick up the phone. Can someone help? Hot water is working normally. What should we do?

Best Regards


Hi Tom,

First restart your boiler and check your radiators after approximately 20-30 min. If that won’t help check if no one set your thermostat to different setting- check and set it to the highest position, wait for another 20-30 min to see it boiler picked up the message and central heating started to work. Go to the room where boiler is located and check if you hear that the boiler is working (no hot water should be used while you are checking). If yes, but radiators are still cold you will need to get a local Gas Safe Registered guy (any guy- doesn’t have to be your service guy) to come and replace the thermostat.