Boiler Types and Efficiency

SEDBUK- official boiler efficiency rates of all manufactures and models in UK can be found here.  You can use those tables to compare efficiency rates of your old boiler to the new Ideal boiler.  In instances where efficiency difference between old and new boiler exceeds 20% (old 68% and new 90%) it is worth purchasing and installation new boiler. We advice this because price of the new boiler will return in a 18-24 months (you will earn this amount on lower bills) and you won’t be facing discomfort of boiler failing in the middle of winter. What’s more your new boiler can be combined with Flat Solar Panel installation providing further savings on electricity.

Ideal boilers have a modern design and are installed by specialist within few hours only. Efficiency ratings on all models reach ‘A’ level.

If you wonder what model to choose, our recommendation based on a size of your home/apartment would be:

  • smallest apartment- here choose Logic Combi ESP1  boiler with an output 15 kW or 25 kW, for heating only solutions choose Mexico HE
  • standard size houses- outputs 24 kW, 25 kW ,26 kW and 30 kW  models  Logic + Combi, Logic Combi, Logic Code Combi ES, for heating only Logic Heat model
  • commercial use- real estates up to 4 floors- output 35 kW and 40kW model Vague Combi.

How much gas savings will  Ideal Combi boiler give? Up to 25-30%, and if you combine it with Flat Solar Panels then you will get another 30% on electricity bills. Warranty offered for models wary from 10 years on Vague, 7 years on Logic + Combi and Logic + System, Logic + Heat and 2 years on Logic Combi, Logic System, Logic Combi ES and Logic Heat and Mexico HE.

The latest’s Ideal boilers are more efficient because they don’t need any external hot water or expansion tank, they are also condensing output and have a larger heat exchanger built in which is capable of recovering more heat in the flue.

Advantages of replacing your old boiler for Ideal Combi or System:

1. Almost all heating solutions provided by Ideal Boilers can be combined with Flat Solar Panel technology proving further savings not only on gas but also electricity bills.

2. Good for all houses and commercial use

3. Modern design, small space.

4. Most models can work with NG or LPG

5.  Built in frost protection & self diagnostics

6. Fast installation, service and parts replacement

After checking efficiency rate of your existing boilers and comparing it with effiencies of new Ideal boilers,  you would most likely want to install one of the Ideal boilers. Logic + Combi and Logic Combi models were awarded by Queen’s Award and are recommended by Energy Saving Trust. Those two models were already a choice of over half a million home owners. Modern in design, light, highly efficient and small- most of models will fit into the the kitchen cupboard. You are tired with repairing your old boiler over and over again? Stop and ask for quotation for a new Ideal boiler now!

Ideal System boilers offer one of the nicest designs with no need for expansion trunks saving you a lot of space.  All models boilers are LPG convertible which gives further savings on gas bills. On the top of it all models have built in frost protection and self diagnostics option giving you peace of mind as same during the summer as winter.