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Ideal Boilers Guide


You have found a website that combines all up to date information about Ideal Boilers. You will find here all technical and commercial information about your existing boiler, including parts replacement procedures if you are experiencing a problem and models comparison tables if you are thinking of replacing your boiler for a new one.

Ideal Boilers, are present on a market for over 110 years, which makes it one of the top companies in heating systems manufacturing sector. Company went through multiple changes required by customers over generations. They improved their water and general heating boilers to meet customer needs for ever changing design and heat requirements. All Ideal Boilers are produced in UK and customer service team is there to help 364 days a year.

Ideal Boilers offer three basic types of boilers- Combi (used for water heating only), System (mix for water and central heating) and Heat Only boilers (used for central heating). Most of boilers are mixable with Flat Solar Plates solution to provide further savings on electricity. Both Combi and System Boilers provide hot water on demand with no need for external water trunk. Company produces renewable heating solution for both personal and commercial use. Naturally all the parts needed for boilers and setting complete heating systems (radiators, solar panels, cylinders, spare parts) are being produced in the same facility obeying ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 rules.

Ideal Boilers come with up to 10 years standard warranty (depending on a model) and up to two years warranty for spare parts. All modern designed and adjusted to the latest UK customer needs. Logic Combi + model was installed in more than 500,000 houses in UK in last decade, becoming an absolute number one boiler in UK and earning a company Queen’s Award in 2013. Standard Logic Combi boiler is being recommended by UK Energy Saving Trust.

Ideal boilers  require only a few hours of installation. Their efficiency level is A and there are a lot of outputs you can choose from: 15kW, 24kW, 26kW, 30kW ,35kW and 40kW. Thanks 35kW and 40kW outputs it can be used not only for houses and apartments but also commercial purposes as it can provide reliable heating up to 4 different levels (complete buildings) while no external water storage trunk is needed. All Ideal boilers received  Best- Class 5 in NOx emissions, and can be easily combined with Solar Plates Renewable solution .

Selecting  an Ideal Boiler

If you want to purchase new or think about replacing your old boiler you will find a lot of useful information in the model compare page. Number of practical and technical information that was collected in a handy table will help you to choose the one which suits your needs best. When unsure about what to choose you are free to contact a seller specialist that will help you to choose a right model based not only technical data but also your particular needs. Typically house needs depend from existing or planning: system setup, place for boiler, number of radiators in the house, insulation grading, dwelling type, piping etc. In most cases when you have a system fault you will need to troubleshoot , fault find and almost always replace parts

Typical problems

Ideal Combi  and Ideal System Boilers may experience some of general most common boiler problems problems which include but not limit to following examples:

  • Ideal Logic Combi boiler sometimes has an issue ignition and due to the dirt that falls on the ignition and flame sensors are requires cleaning
  • Ideal Vague boiler sometimes leaks- you will see water gathered under the boiler itself- in this case heat exchanger will need to be replaced
  • Other common problems applicable for all models include: boiler doesn’t switch on due to faulty electrics that require simple PCB table replacement;  gurgling noises and combustion seals leaking, losing pressure.

Warning!!! It is a prohibited to work on a gas appliance unless you have proper qualifications (Gas Safe Registered). If there is an issue with your boiler and you need help contact customer service team immediately.


You are free to use this troubleshooting  guide if whenever you experience a fault with your boiler.  Replacement parts should be purchased. Whenever you have an issue with boiler that is still under warranty the best solution is to return it to the dealer or purchase purchase store and request a new one free of charge. Your boiler comes with an Owner’s Manual. Whenever you search for more information feel free to read our forum /FAQ


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