Ideal Elan very noisy

Hi All,

I have an Ideal Elan gas boiler and it is stored in the bathroom. I never had any problems with it, but in last days it is so loud I can hear it in the bedroom. The sound is almost like kettle boiling- hope you know what I mean. I am pretty sure it is not normal. What’s wrong? It is still under warranty and I could give it back, but maybe it is sth that can be fixed easily… Anybody an idea?



Hi Robert,

Usually two things cause noise issues: first is the lack of water in the system (you need to re- pressurize till over 1.5 bar) or the header tank is empty (refill it) or frozen (replace because it got damaged). First two you could try doing yourself for the third you need a specialist, and if frozen then I am afraid that warranty won’t cover it.